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jeudi 18 août 2005

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AVA Mission Statement  (version français)

American Voices Abroad is a coalition of individuals and groups composed of U.S. citizens living abroad who share the following general objectives:

  • To promote peace and to oppose wars of aggression by the United States

  • To promote economic and social justice and oppose U.S. policies which lead to injustice

  • To affirm the rights of all people to democratic self-determination and the right to resist injustice and tyranny

  • As a coalition, to maintain nonviolence in our tactics and direct actions

  • To raise awareness that a fully and accurately informed public is essential to the survival of democracy

Some of our goals to support those objectives :

  • To repeal the USA PATRIOT Act

  • To reject the Bush administration national security strategy of Sept. 2002 which includes the doctrine of preemptive and preventive war

  • To condemn the occupation of Iraq

  • To promote openness and transparency in the U.S. government

  • To ensure free and fair elections in the United States

  • To encourage pluralism and diversity in US society, media, and political debate

  • To promote recognition of the United Nations as the primary forum for international law

  • To demand and promote responsible and just US foreign policy with respect for international law

  • To promote resolution of international conflicts through an international justice system

  • To address US domestic economic justice issues and budgetary priorities

  • To create a worldwide network of U.S. citizens living abroad to promote our objectives and support those in the United States and our countries of residence with whom we share goals

  • To promote dialogue between our countries of residence and the United States of America

  • Definitions of terms

    this coalition is a network of groups which employs a decision-making process to establish common objectives and goals and endorses specific actions
    Coalition member group: a member group is an organization which expresses its support for the AVA mission statement. Member groups define their own membership and decision-making processes according to their own needs.
    Coalition individual member: an individual who supports the AVA mission statement and remains an at-large member without joining any local group.
    Working groups: cross-coalition group voluntarily sharing skills around a specific proposal. EXAMPLE: media and research groups.


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